When is the RSVP deadline?

We would appreciate your response by May 1.

When should I plan on arriving in Seattle?

We suggest arriving on or before Thursday, July 28th, in order to take advantage of cheaper ticket prices and all the great food and sights Seattle has to offer.

Where should I stay?

So, here’s the deal. There’s a big Microsoft conference the same weekend as our wedding and the city is going to be packed. We tried blocking rooms at a few local hotels, but prices were over $350/night.

We’ve listed a few B&Bs that are close to Volunteer Park on the home page. These are not blocked rooms, so call to make arrangements as soon as you can. They range in price from $150-$260/night.

If you’re looking for accommodations more in the $50-$100+/night range, we recommend looking on AirBnB. Look for listings in Capitol Hill, First Hill, Downtown or Central District to be close to the action. For better rates, try West Seattle, north of downtown by Green Lake, or south Seattle by the airport (Burien, etc).

What should I do when you guys are busy?

Uh, all the things! Go check out the view at Kerry Park or from the top of Columbia Tower (much better view than from the Space Needle!) Grab dessert at Hot CakesOld School Frozen Custard or Molly Moon’s. Take the ferry to Bainbridge Island. Eat at In the Bowl (vegan asian fusion) or Tutto Bella (brick oven pizza), both are great for lunch or dinner. Grab a drink at Bookstore Bar. Go gawk at the glass at the Chihuly Garden.

How do I get to the ceremony? Where can I park?

Volunteer Park is located at 1247 15th Ave E, Seattle, WA. There is parking available between the Seattle Asian Art Museum (big Art Deco building) and the Conservatory (big glass building). You can also park on the side of most roads within the park and along the perimeter of the park. Parking is free!

Handicapped parking is available directly outside of the Seattle Asian Art Museum.

How do I get to the reception? Can I park at Stimson-Green?

The address for the Stimson-Green Mansion is 1204 Minor Avenue, Seattle WA. It might also show up in your GPS as the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation.

Driving Directions – Northbound on I-5

    • Take exit #164, Madison Street.
    • Take a right on Madison Street and drive five blocks east to Minor Avenue.
    • Take a left on Minor Avenue and drive two blocks north to Seneca Street. The Mansion is located on the corner of Minor and Seneca.

Driving Directions – Southbound on I-5

    • Take exit #166, Stewart Street/Denny Way.
    • Drive four blocks on Stewart Street and then take a left on Boren Avenue. You will pass Minor Avenue, but this is not a through street across the freeway.
    • Drive seven blocks on Boren Avenue until you reach Seneca Street.
    • Take a left on Seneca Street and drive one block east to Minor Avenue. The Mansion is located on the corner of Minor and Seneca.

We have reserved 50 spots in a parking deck adjacent to the mansion and below an apartment building.

Can I leave my in the parking deck at Stimson-Green overnight?

YES! If you are not able to drive at the end of the night, you can take a cab home and come back for your car in the morning. You can get back into the garage using the access code that will be given to you when you park.

Here are some phone numbers for local cab companies:

Yellow Cab – (206) 622-6500
Orange Cab – (206) 522-8800

Can I bring a guest?

Unfortunately, we have a hard limit on the number of people we can accommodate at our reception venue. Invitations are addressed to the person(s) invited.

Can I bring my kid(s)?

We would appreciate if you take a night away from your kids/pets and enjoy a night out on us! Please contact us for recommendations for local babysitters.

What time should I arrive at the ceremony?

We would appreciate having everyone seated by 3:45pm as we plan on starting exactly at 4pm.

What should I wear?

Something semi-formal. For the guys, a nice shirt and slacks. For the ladies, a sundress or a nice pair of pants.

On a related note, what shouldn’t I wear?

Extremely high heels and shoes that you would be sad to get a little dirty/grassy. And, obviously, white.

What will the weather be like?

As of today, 7/27, it looks like it will be in the high seventies and sunny.

What if it rains?

Light rain and the show will go on- we will try to provide umbrellas. If it’s raining heavily, we’ll move the ceremony to the library at Stimson-Green.

What kind of food will be served at the reception?

We will be serving delicious Pacific Northwest fare from a locally renowned catering company. Please let us know in advance if you have a food allergy or special diet.

Will there be dancing?

There will be some dancing, in addition to lawn games outside, plus board games and a billiard table in the basement.

Will there be alcohol?

We’ll be serving several types of beer and wine.

Where are you registered?

We are registered at Amazon.com and Macy’s (registry ID 2306769)

What should I do if I have a question that isn’t on this list?

Reach out to the bride and groom and they’ll hook you up.